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Our company “Northern Timber”, Ltd. is based in Northwestern part of Russia. We have 4 warehouses located in Northern Russian capital St. Petersburg. A great range of items is available to suit the needs of any client. You will find everything you need from just dried boards and bricks to beadboards and ship lap and log cladding and other materials to make your construction works easier. Our aim is to establish long term relationship, so we have created the image of a reliable and stable company, efficient to cooperate with.

We can provide you with high quality timber mostly fir and spruce originated from Karelia, Arhangelsk and Vologda regions.

For over 20 years North Timber is established on Russian wood market and has started exporting products since 2015. Our experience goes back to 1996  Since then, we have undergone significant changes in our capabilities, technology, products, and services. The company continues to invest in new facilities, technology and manpower. We increase our exporting areas every year.

Besides our numerous advantages are the basic:

  • Quality control Quality control on the stage of  loading the cargo after its delivery from the factory and before transporting to the destination point. We have 20 years of successful work with our clients and make high level of product quality control. North timber has developed and adopted appropriate documents, manuals and procedures to help guide its staff on compliance for our requirements of quality control. We are committed to annually monitor and review the effectiveness of our policies and associated programs to continually improve them. We go to great lengths to control our loads.  We make our best to ensure our clients receive clean, bright, and freshly treated or untreated products.
  • Deliver combined cargo We have possibility to load the full container with any material from our assortment range at one delivery and this is our significant advantage against other suppliers.
  • Delivery in time We guarantee delivery in time due to our experience.
  • Delivery around the WorldWe can provide various types of transportation services to any location on the map. We supply containerized and non-containerized loads by sea and auto. We arrange shipment to any destination and provide a full set of export documents.
  • Full support and control Full support and control every stage till the delivery to desired destination point. Cargo movement tracking is provided. We handle all of the inland transportation, cargo handling & inspections at the port of export, ocean transportation, and documentation that is necessary for delivering our products to our client's preferred port of destination.
  • Competitive Pricing. We work hard to reduce costs & increase efficiencies in all aspects of handling our client's orders.  Our shipping volumes ensure that our clients receive the decent CIF or FOB prices.
  • Individual approach North timber success is based on our belief that the best way to help our customers is to know and understand their requirements and to combine that with our awareness of opportunities in the market. Part of our responsibility is to understand our customers’ business and become familiar with their needs and changes.
  • We make big targets and successfully reach them!

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