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     Beadboard - is a planed dry board, which has tongue- groove bus.

     It is a traditional style of wall paneling that is made of evenly spaced interlocking tongue and groove wood elements.

     Today, it is installed as a decorative feature to walls, ceiling, cabinetry and even furniture to add an antique cottage look. It's also available in premade sheets or even wallpaper. The humble elegance of the beadboard detailing can instantly add an antique country feel to any room in your home.

     Standard parameters of beadboard

     ( Euro siding):

     Thickness:12,5 мм.

     Width: 96 мм. Actual width:88 мм.

     Length:1,5м, 1,8м, 1,9м, 2,0м, 2,1м, 2,4м, 2,5м, 2,7м, 3,0м, 3,3м, 3,6м, 3,9м.

     Wrapping: stretch wrap Number of boards in package:10 pcs. Moisture:12-16 % Production and packaging of material meets the Russian State Standard and DIN.


  1. Outdoor finishing works

  2. Indoor decoration

  3. Ceilings

  4. Balconies

  5. Saunas

  6. utility areas.

     A grade– excellent quality. It has pearl knots, well planed surface, perfect parameters.

     B grade– good quality. There are knots of various diameter, black -ringed, but tight not loose knots. It is well planed and has good parameters.

     С grade– light and hollow knots are possible. Such beadboard is used in garage and utility areas interior finishing works. If it's possible to cut of the part with hollow knot, the rest of the board is ready to use in different ways.

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