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     Oriented strand board(OSB), also known as flakeboard, is a type of engineered lumber similar to particle board, formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations.

     OSB may have a rough and variegated surface with the individual strips of around 2.5 cm × 15 cm (1.0 by 5.9 inches), lying unevenly across each other and comes in a variety of types and thicknesses.


  1. Small weight

  2. Compact, easy to transport

  3. resistant and rigid.

  4. Flat and smooth surface

  5. Waterproof


    1. Outdoor sheeting

  1. Indoor construction ( bulkheads,overlap)

  2. Base for flooring

  3. Roof scaffolding

  4. Provisional fences 

     Four grades of OSB are defined in EN 300 in terms of their mechanical performance and relative resistance to moisture:

  • OSB/1 – General purpose boards and boards for interior fitments (including furniture) for use in dry conditions

  • OSB/2 – Load-bearing boards for use in dry conditions

  • OSB/3 – Load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions

  • OSB/4 – Heavy-duty load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions

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