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Ship lap and log cladding


     Ship lap and log cladding– it is kiln-dried finishing material with14-18 % moisture in the form of wooden panels, looks like beadboard, but wider and thicker. It has tongue and groove instalation system for fastenning of boards. If face side is rectangular- it is a ship lap, if semi-circle- a log cladding. While assembling it is difficult to distinguish by eye between cladding and natural log or brick. Material- spruce or pine.

     Ship lap cladding is strong and offers a tight seal, preventing water penetration. It has low-maintenance and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions very easily. The design of the cladding ensures the exterior of your garden shed dries quickly after a shower.

     Useful for its strength as a supporting member, and its ability to form a relatively tight seal when lapped. Shiplap is usually used as a type of siding for buildings that do not require extensive maintenance and must withstand cold and aggressive climates. Rough-sawn shiplap is attached vertically in post and beam construction.

     Small doors and shutters such as those found in barns and sheds are often constructed of shiplap cut directly from the walls, with only thin members framing or crossing the back for support. Shiplap is also used indoors for the rough or rustic look that it creates when used as paneling or a covering for a wall or ceiling. Shiplap is often used to describe any beadboard siding material that overlaps in a similar fashion.

     Loglap cladding is becoming a very popular material for the exterior of garden rooms, home offices cabins and garden sheds, it gives a strong rustic feel.
Loglap cladding has a curved profile to the front of the timber, giving it the ‘log’ effect, and is flat on the back, made from one of the above species, Loglap cladding is available in different lengths and widths.

     A log lap cladding is similar to a ship lap cladding, but with a slight difference. If you are looking to give your garden shed a log cabin look and feel, this is the perfect cladding. The profile of the wood board is like that of a log, while the anterior portion of the board is flat, so that it can be securely fixed to the wall of the garden shed.

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